Strategic Innovation

Collaborative Strategy Development to Address Emerging Trends with an Executable Path Forward

Innovative strategies must encompass todays’ dynamic elements with more virtual enterprise organizations, rapidly evolving technologies, and demands for ever more integrated, accessible scientific and operational information. New approaches are required to address complex business problems which engage out-of-the-box thinking, collaboration, and organizational change management to propel the organization forward.

Craft the Strategy then Cross the Execution Chasm

Strategic Innovation Offerings

  • R&D Operations Strategies
  • Scientific Competencies Strategies
  • Business Intelligence Strategies
  • Program Development & Harmonization
  • Strategy Roadmap Development

Life Sciences organizations need absolute clarity about their direction to be successful in the face of increasing competition, industry consolidation, and the imperative for operational effectiveness. Achieving that clarity means your organization must transform itself to integrate the necessary changes in business process, technology, knowledge management, and organizational dynamics. Today’s faster moving and ever-changing environment requires a flexible and dynamic approach that rapidly establishes, then reviews and updates strategies regularly.

We do more than help you identify and communicate strategic objectives for an organization, we help build buy-in, which is critical to a plan’s success. To achieve the desiredresults, the task of developing the strategy and roadmap must:

  • Target the right approach
  • Involve the right people
  • Provide the detail to layout intent, priority and direction

Using our ResultMethodology, we guide the team through a process of:

  • Understanding what is known (process, technology, etc.)
  • Envisioning what could be (idea generation without restraint)
  • Determining what should be (balancing the ideas with reality)
  • Performing a gap analysis
  • Translating the results into a clear roadmap

A carefully crafted strategic roadmap provides a common language for addressing future needs and facilitating communication among multiple functional areas. Further, it provides a common reference for decision making around operational project portfolios. The roadmap is a strong starting point, but on-going, it’s a living document requiring regular reviews and updates.        

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