Integrated Business Analysis

Bridge People, Process, and Technology Needs for Modernizing Operations

We drill into the “As Is” environment to identify challenges, gaps, barriers, and opportunities. We then co-create the “To Be” state by optimizing end-to-end workflows, defining user requirements, and leading the vendor solution selection process to achieve the envisioned future business environment.

Architect Business Processes with an End-to-End Perspective

Integrated Business Analysis Offerings

  • Business Process Mapping
  • Work Flow Optimization
  • Requirements Definition
  • Solution Selection
  • Implementation Management

Throughout Life Sciences R&D, the strategic high-level workflow is usually visible to management and supported by a variety of formal systems and checkpoints. Not nearly as visible, are the functional results and analyses that feed reports and regulatory submissions in the primary R&D workflow. These more foundational, tactical, or frontline efforts often suffer from lack of management focus, inconsistent business processes, or informal systems.

Failure to understand information assets generated at each process step may lead to gaps in essential information. These gaps in understanding can cripple successful product development.

Our Integrated Business Analysis Constructs Your Workflow and Information Map by:

  • Looking within work groups and across the linkages among groups
  • Formalizing the awareness and understanding of workflows
  • Uncovering the information generated at each process step
  • Identifying where that information is stored
  • Charting how information is accessed and informs current and future efforts.

The Destination and Beyond
ResultWorks goes beyond defining requirements, identifying solutions and plans for optimizing organizational effectiveness. As an analysis leads to systems initiatives, we roll up our sleeves to conduct the vendor solution selection process. We work with the client project team to develop implementation plans that see the project through to completion.


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